We Design, Build, and Test navigation solutions.

  • High-integrity, nonlinear estimation and controller design

  • Non-GNSS navigation and targeting system design, research, and prototyping for A2AD missions, including: GPS-denied environments, indoors, underground, and dense urban operations

  • Sensor modeling and integration, including: Inertial sensors, EO/IR imagers, magnetometers, sonar, SAR radar, pressure sensors, ranging sensors, GPS, GLONASS, laser scanners, software-defined radios, gravity gradiometers, sferics, RF signals of opportunity

  • Custom UAS and autopilot design, prototyping, test and evaluation

  • 3D reconstruction photogrammetry using passive sensors

  • Multi-vehicle simulation environments, S/HIL component development

  • Aircraft and ground vehicle test and evaluation, verification, and validation

  • Embedded and workstation-level system development – ARM, x86, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, NuttX-RTOS, C, Python, C#, Java, MATLAB, OpenGL, GNU Scientific Library, OpenCL, Qt, Windows Forms, Django

  • Parallel processing for real-time environments, including: OpenCL, CUDA, GLSL, Monte-Carlo stochastic algorithm performance analysis, JIT/Threading Performance (Python, PyPy, LuaJIT),  Cloud Processing (AWS), Robotic Operating System (ROS) Distributed Node Processing

  • Autonomous robotic systems

  • General multi-sensor fusion problems

  • High-integrity tracking and targeting system

  • Personal navigation systems

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