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LYNX VBN GPS-denied Navigation

LYNX VBN is a GPS-denied, Vision Based Navigation system that combines image processing, nonlinear sensor fusion, and machine learning techniques to deliver a flexible VBN solution with demonstrated performance over a wide-range of terrain types, cloud conditions (7/8 broken cloud cover), day/night operation, and precipitation effects including rain and snow cover. The LYNX VBN system delivers a real-time, low-latency solution with industry-leading accuracy and continuity. The LYNX VBN can be enhanced with multi-source observations as available including IMU, multi-constellation GNSS, 3D Mag, BaroAlt, RadarNav and others.


LYNX VBN is available as a stand-alone sensing + processing kit or can be installed in a host system as a Docker container.

Lynx VBN.png
Lynx Vision Based Navigation System


We design, build, and test custom software and hardware solutions using our sensor fusion, navigation, and flight control expertise. We offer Flight Test Services for a wide range of sensors and systems in our Cessna O-2A. 

  • High-integrity, nonlinear estimation and controller design

  • Non-GNSS navigation and targeting system design, research, and prototyping for A2AD missions, including: GPS-denied environments, indoors, underground, and dense urban operations

  • Sensor modeling, integration, and prototyping including: Inertial sensors, EO/IR imagers, magnetometers, sonar, SAR radar, pressure sensors, ranging sensors, GPS, GLONASS, laser scanners, software-defined radios, gravity gradiometers, sferics, RF signals of opportunity

  • Custom UAS and autopilot design, prototyping, test and evaluation

  • 3D reconstruction photogrammetry using passive sensors

  • Multi-vehicle simulation environments, S/HIL component development

  • Embedded and workstation-level system development – ARM, x86, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, NuttX-RTOS, C, Python, C#, Java, MATLAB, OpenGL, GNU Scientific Library, OpenCL, Qt, Windows Forms, Django

  • Parallel processing for real-time environments, including: OpenCL, CUDA, GLSL, Monte-Carlo stochastic algorithm performance analysis, JIT/Threading Performance (Python, PyPy, LuaJIT),  Cloud Processing (AWS), Robotic Operating System (ROS) Distributed Node Processing

  • Airborne Testbed Cessna Skymaster O-2A with multiple internal configurations for sensor and system testing with exterior stores equipped with ethernet and antenna connections and sensor mounting capabilities

  • Full Service Flight Test from planning to execution by USAF TPS graduates, pilots, and engineers

  • FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER), CFI, CFII, Commercial, ATP, FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authority (A&P/IA)

  • Aircraft and ground vehicle test and evaluation, verification, and validation

  • Offices in Niceville, FL and Aircraft in Dayton, OH

  • 100% US Citizens

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